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 Translation service

Translation service:

In business activities, you need step over language hurdles. You may need our English translation service in your daily communications with your buyers in China. You may need our translation service if you want to localize your website to enable Chinese buyers to easily read your formation. You may need our translation service if you want to promote your company to prospective buyers in China. Our translation service helps you access Chinese market.

Chinaexcite provides professional translation service from English into Chinese or vice versa. Business opportunities abound in China beyond language hurdles. Let our translators be at your service.

We can translate following Documents
  • Business and legal documents;
  • Instructions for equipment installation and debugging-processes, and product descriptions;
  • Documents for bidding and large-scale production facilities;
  • Market research reports, financial analysis, and business management reports;
  • Company profiles;
  • Notarization files and foreign visits documents;
  • Business letters and buy/sell information;
  • Others.
Price Information

Considering the fact that different documents present different translation processing, we offer the best prices for the your document translations.

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