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Business Travel in China


The mail service within China is fairly efficient. A letter should normally take about one day to reach a destination in the same city as it was posted, and about two or more days to other destinations in China. It costs RMB0.50 for letters weighing up to 20g. The International postal service is expensive and rather slow, taking up to several weeks to reach destinations abroad. International airmail postage rates are as follows:


Below 20g 4.40 1.50
21-50g 8.20 2.80
51-100 10.40 4.00
101-250g 20.80 8.50
251-500g 39.80 16.70
501-1000g 75.70 31.70
1001-2000g 123.00 55.80

It is pretty easy to find a Post Office, especially in big cities. Post boxes are green boxes, often found on major shopping streets and outside Post Offices. Main post offices are open seven days a week, from 8:00 to 18:00. Most major hotels will also post mail for you.

To send a parcel, you have to get the box from the post office and the staff will help you to pack it. You have to pay few yuan for the packing service. Don't try to do it yourself,as the staff will unpack everything again to check it and make sure it is packed correctly. They will also help complete postage forms, on which you must declare weight, value etc. For shipping, check out city magazines such as "That's Shanghai" or "City Weekend" in Beijing for classifieds advertising shipping and removal companies.