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Business Travel in China

Hospital & Health Care

There are Pharmacies in most main towns and all cities in China that usually supply the most important medicines, from antibiotics to (not always safe) contraceptives. If you have any illness doubts it is certainly worth seeking professional advise at the pharmacy counter or at the local hospital with a Chinese speaker in tow. Many top end hotels have health clinics, which can help diagnose and prescribe. Any prescribed medication should be administered under medical supervision.

For more serious ailments when in rural or badly facilitated areas it is worth getting to the nearest city, or on a flight to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or even Hong Kong as soon as is possible. It is important to note that China has no donor supplies of Rh-Negative Blood.

Women's Health: There are a variety of problems that can restrict the female traveller in China. It is not advised for pregnant women to travel to high risk areas where either medication or vaccination can be dangerous, or where infection can seriously affect the unborn child. Vaginal problems can also be a problem, through unprotected sexual contact and when travelling in hot climates. Many fungal infections can be treated in major towns and cities through pharmacy or hospital visits with a Chinese guide. With family planning a strongly concentrated on issue in China, there are a number of debatably useful family planning clinics dotted around.

Personal prescription medication, aspirin, antibiotics, loperamide (for diarrhea), antiseptic, bandages, insect repellent, sunscreen, water purification tablets, a syringe pack, mosquito repellent and pain killers are all good things to carry around.