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Business Travel in China


Water in China is not safe to drink and needs to be boiled to kill bacteria that may exist. For this reason, many travelers in China prefer to drink bottled water, both in restaurants and on the road. If you do drink tap water, be sure to at least bring it to the boil. Please note that simply bringing water to the boil does not kill all bacteria. Some health professionals recommend boiling water for up to 20 minutes, especially in high altitude areas, or the use of water purification tablets.

For eating, the general rules of personal hygiene are best strictly kept to: habits such as washing hands, ensuring clean cutlery and food that is fresh and well cooked should all be followed. Fruit like apples and pears should be washed and peeled before eating. You will find that the Chinese also do this.Vegetables may also be contaminated with bacteria and those visiting China for short periods may wish to avoid uncooked vegetables. Food purchased from street vendors can be some of the tastiest food in China, but be careful. Cheap kebabs and noodles may come with a price! Pay close attention to hygiene if you can. Diarrhea and Hepatitis are a danger here, so watch out and keep the risks in mind.