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Business Travel in China

Disease & Illness

Prevalent Illnesses:

Hepatitis A: a fairly prevalent water borne viral infection spread through water and food. Recommended vaccination.

Hepatitis B: Prevalent virus passed through unprotected sex, blood transfusions and dirty (infected) needles. Recommended vaccination.

HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Spread like Hepatitis B. Prevent with protected sex or abstinence. Use your own syringe pack or clean needles. The more common diseases can usually be treated with antibiotics.

Polio, Typhoid, Diphtheria and Tetanus: Should all be vaccinated against and up-to-date.

Less Prevalent Illnesses:

Malaria (and Dengue Fever): Spread through mosquito bites in a few areas of China. Check with your doctor before you leave about taking medication, but continue using preventative measures such as: Mosquito nets, repellent, coils, sprays and light clothing.

Japanese B Encephalitis: Mosquito spread in few areas. Symptoms of headache, fever and an altered consciousness. Seek medical help to verify. Recommended vaccination if traveling to high risk areas for prolonged periods.

Cholera: Spread through food and water. Not overly serious diarrhea and vomiting. Rest and rehydration are normally all that is needed, if this fails, seek medical advice.

Rabies: Very few high risk areas, mainly in Tibet and Western Sichuan. Spread through animal bites and scratches. Consult doctor about immunization.

Tuberculosis: Respiratory disease with low incidence in China. Somewhat more serious than the common flu - if worried see doctor about TB immunity before you go, and see doctor after prolonged flu symptoms.