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Economic Geography


Taishan is one of the five sacred mountains in China. Towering 1,540 metres above sea level, Mt. Taishan is a symbol of loftiness and grandeur. Taishan was the mountain chosen by emperors as the site of imperial sacrifices toHeaven. Visitors must expect a strenuous climb up the precipitous paths and flights of stone steps which wind through pine-clad slopes. At the summit is the guesthouse and the main temple to the princess. At the foot of the mountain, small town of Tai'an has a Taoist temple, with an excellent fresco depicting an imperial progress.

All famous and scenic mountains in China have their share of temples and monasteries, and Mt. Taishan is no exception. With its fine Taoist shrines and temples all dedicated to the Taoist deity - the Princess of the ColoredClouds. The princess is a cult figure among the peasant women of Shandong Province. Today visitors enjoy the climb, in the hope they will glimpse the often elusive but magnificent sunrise when the sun appears like a ball of fire from a sea of clouds.