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Economic Geography

Pearl of East Tibet---Chamdo

Chamdo is located in the east of Tibet. Here, Himalayas mountains and Gandise mountains turn around. Here, Jinsha River, Lancang River and Nu River have formed. The high mountains and great rivers breed 600,000 people of Chamdo. The integration of the cultures of Tibetan, Han, Naxi nationalities institute Chamdo Special Kang-ba Cultural Base.

In Chamdo, people can see the long history in the Damala Dinosaur-discovery field and Kane site, can feel the influence of diverse cultures of different traditions in such temples as Gama ancient temple and Yanjin Church, see people's industry and intelligence in traditional commercial activity sites such as Chama ancient road and the salt-field of Lancang River, and colorful secular cultures in Tibetan traditional medicine, folk dance and people's houses, feel the honest of the folk in Kang-ba men's good-nature smile and Chamdo-girls hospitality.

Chamdo is an insulated place, for hundreds of years people went west out of Tibet, went east into the west of Sichuan regarding the road across the mountains as a formidable one. Today, with the help of the central government, Chamdo has built an airport and highways, opened its door to the world. When its veil has been uncovered, people are amazed at its spectacular and astounding beauty. In the field, mountains rise and fall, the grasslands are vast, the forest are endless, the lakes reflecting the snowy peaks and fast-running river's give people eternal passion and strength.

Chamdo is a place with a lot of mountains, the people of Chamdo instinctively worship the nature, wish to live a life of Utopia, however, it was only a dream in the past. Today, the State invests a lot of money in the protecting of the forest rural-developing, education and health programs. The environment of Chamdo, the living quietly of the people and the literacy of the people have improved remarkedly. Now, the people of Chamdo treat the nature more friendly, seek for a peaceful life, and like to show all of this to the world, Chamdo has already become "ShangriLa" in the heart of the people.

Mr. LiuJi co-operates with the Tourist-Service of Chamdo, base on his special experience and the accumulation of painting and photograph in Chamdo and the other areas of Tibet, publishes this album, as if a window is opened, people can see a life-like Chamdo here.