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Culture Folk-custom

Symbols of Buddhism

Lotus -This flower represents awakening or enlightenment. In its closed position it only has potential. Fully opened it represents being fully awakened.

Wheel - The wheel represents the law of Karma and rebirth. Karma means what you did in your past lifetime determined your present lifetime. What you do in your present lifetime determines your future life. After many lifetimes, represented by the spokes of the wheel, you reach a state of enlightenment, called Nirvana, and you no longer need to return to earth.

Conch - (A rare white conch with spirals that turn to the right.) It is a symbol of birth and rebirth and is particularly sacred to the Tibetans because one was buried in a mountain by Sakyamuni and discovered by Tsongkhapa.

Peacock Feather - This symbolizes purity from sin.

Skull Cup - Filled with water, it represents the water of life; filled with blood, it is the symbol of mystic power.

Sword - This represents knowledge and wisdom.

Third Eye on Forehead - This is the symbol of method and wisdom.

Thunderbolt - The thunderbolt symbolizes protection, rain and indestructibility.

Pagoda (Chorten) - This structure houses the remains of the deae, sacred relics or scriptures.