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About China


Cantonese Cuisine | Sichuan Cuisine | Huaiyang Cuisine

As chinese proverb says"Food is the first necessity of the people." Food is indispensable for the survival of human beings.Cuisine forms an inseperable part of a nation's culture. Chinese cuisine culture has a long history and also a profundity of its variety.Chinese cooking is popular all over the world.

[ Cantonese Cuisine ]

The cuisine is well-known as one of the three best cuisines of China,the other two are Sichuan and Huaiyang cuisine.Thanks to the large-scale emigration from Guangdong(Canaton) to elsewhere in the world,Cantonese become the best-known chinese cuisine.

Cantonese food is characteried by its great variety,and its delicate spices and freshness of ingredients.

Chefs make abundant use of fruit and many type of vegetables as well as seafood such as prawn abalone squid , crab.and oyster. Cooking :Cantonese cooking methods are roasting ,very quick stir-frying ,and steaming ..Roasted chicken and pork are justifiably renowned .Seafood is typically seasoned first and stir-fried in hot oil,or else steamed.

[ Sichuan Cuisine ]

It is the most emphatically flavoured cuisine in all of China.Using abundant chillies and pepper(the dried berry of the prickly ash or fagara),garlic ,ginger and fermented soybean,the dishes have a strong flavour. The strong love of spicy pungent food can ge attributed to the highly variety climate,which is characterised by humidity throughout much of the year and to its freezing winter.

One of the best known Chinese dishes in the world -Mapodoufu(the pockmarked woman's tofu).

A typical sichuan eating experience is hot pot..Dinners sit around a table with a pot os seasoned broth heated by a gas fire.Each diner adds bit and pieces of prepared vegeable ,meat fish and beancurd.

[ Huaiyang Cuisine ]

Huaiyang -lower reaches of Changjiang especially around Huaian and Yangzhou,is a fertile area of fish and rice(an area flowing with milk and honey)

The distinguishing feature of Huaiyang food is the wide variety of quality freshwater and saltwater fish and shellfish;crabs from this region are especially famed.

Huaiyang cooks often steam or gently simmer their food,rather than using the gaster deep-fring style.

Huaiyang cuisine palaces emphasis on soups,which come with every meal.a great many wonderful and imaginative soups originated in the region. Red-cooking(stewing meat in stock with soy sauce atar anise and other flavouring )and heavy use of peanut oil and lard are characeristic.