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About China


The largest part of China is in moderate zone with separate seasons. There are distinctive limatic differences resulting from monsoons, the expanse of the land area, and the considerable differences in altitude. While it is generally warm and humid in southeastern and central China, the north ande northeast are relatively dry.

The best times for travelling: spring (May) September/October).

China covers 35 degrees o flatitude, resulting in a great variation of regional climates. In many areas, the summer is hot and rainy, with a high level of humidity, while the winter is dry. In northern China, more than 80 percent of rainfall occurs in the summer months, but only 40 percent of the annual rainfall occurs in southern China during the same period.

There are frequent typhoons in southeast China during the rainy season, between July and September. North of the Yangzi River, the winter can be extremely cold.

The northeast has hot, dry summers and long, cold winters. Summers in the desert regions of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia is also hot and dry, while winter is cold and dry. In central China, the summers are hot and humid, with a lot of rainfall in the late summer months. In the low lying regions of the Yangzi, winter is somewhat milder than in the central Chinese loess mountain regions or in Sichuan, which is surrounded by mountains. In the regions around Beijing, Xi'an and zhengzhou, there are occasional sand storms in winter and spring.

On the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau (average altitude:4,000m), summer is short and moderately warm, while winters can get very cold;there is little rainfall throughout the year, and the differences in day and night temperatures are great. A mild climate with warm summers and cool winters generally prevails on the Yunnan-Guizhou High Plateau, with little rainfall, and very rare frosts.

Southern China has a subtropical climate. Rainfall is distributed around the year; the summers are long, humid and hot , and the winters are short with cooler temperatures.