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 Chinese Web Designing and Hosting (Standard Version)

Service Description :
  • Read this description carefully, if you are a member of, go to frontpage and login to your service center to apply for this service. if not, Click here to register before you apply for this service. Registration is absolutely free!
  • In your Service Center, in Apply For Services column, click the Standard Version to apply for this service.
  • Follow the instructions to fill out the form, make the English Site yourself through DIY tools, We'll make the Chinese version website for you. You may preview your English Site before you pay.
  • If you satisfy with the result and really need the service, go to your Service Center, Click the Make Payment button to pay online with you credit card.
  • After receiving you payment feedback, in five working days, we'll translate your company and product description from English to Chinese, and make your Chinese version webpages.
  • We'll inform you the result through email, and all your transactions and services results are recorded in your Service Center, please check it often.
Service includes:
  • A virtual URL
    Your'll get one easy-recognized and unique domain name under, like, the username is you choosed when apply for this service.

  • Documentation translation
    We translate your company description and product description from English into Chinese. The two files combined together should be no more than 1,000 English words in length.

  • Webpage Design
    While using our services, you need to choose one of our templates, and provide us with your company profile(with one image) and three products description(with three images). Based on the information you provide and the template you choose, we will then make a two-version and six-pages website for your company profile page, your products page and feedback page.

  • Website Hosting
    1-year hosting of both your English site and Chinese site at Chinaexcite.

  • Online Promotion
    In order to let more Chinese buyers visit your webpages and become interested in your products, we will provide you some effective and time-saving online promotion services such as:

    1) Indexing your sites (both English and Chinese) with, the first and most reputed trade resources portal in China;

    2) Listing your sites (both English and Chinese ) with, one of the leading B2B e-commerce marketplaces in the world;

    3) Publicizing your company's profile, product description, URL at fifty business and trade boards in China once a month.

    4) Entitling you to the use of your personal "Biz Logbook", in which you can check the feedback to your post and follow up your latest business developments.
Payment Information:
    You can pay for the service with your credit card. We accept VISA and Master Card. This online service is provided by the reputed Credit Card Network (USA), which has been providing realtime credit card processing solutions for Internet merchants since 1994 and service over 700 merchants across the United States and authorize thousands of credit card transactions daily. So you never have to worry about unauthorized use of your credit card. Our network service system is absolutely safe and confidential. It encrypts your personal credit card information, including card number, date of validity and amount of payment, so that it can not be read as the information travels over the Internet. Therefore, you can rest assured to provide your credit card information. We promise that we won't provide any of your information to a third party.
  • If you provide more than 1000 English word company and product description, or you input more than three products, we'll give your another quotation.

  • If you find Standard version service can't fulfill your requirement, please contact us directly or try VIP version service.

Contact the London office of the China Business Network:

TEL: +44 208 8588308
FAX: +44 208 8588088

Add: 10-16 Tiller Road, London Docklands, E14 8PX, UK
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