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Chinaexcite Statement

This bulletin board,Chinaexcite BBS,is a public service free for use by all traders and entrepreneurs looking for exchanging trade information and seeking business leads.

To improve the quality of our Chinaexcite BBS and fulfil your purpose of using our service, Here are the rules for using the Chinaexcite BBS Posting Service:

1. Please do not post adult materials on this site. Information which would violate inter national laws will be prohibited. People using this bulletin board for posting must take full responsibility for their message contents. People using this board as a source of business information must understand that they are using it at their own risk. Chinaexcite will not accept any responsibility for and will not be liable to any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of this Board's iformation. Chinaexcite also reserves the right to terminate this Board's service any time without prior notice should we find it not suitable to public interest.

2. The "Subject" field for your trade leads contain ONLY the product name or brief description of the ad.

3. You may only submit the same message to our BBS once per day.Please note that our system automatically deletes all trade posts that are entered twice. To avoid wasting your time, please post only once per commodity.

4. You must observe this rules, if not, your message will be deleted without any notice.

5. Chinaexcite service reserves the right to remove any messages which is inappropriate or troubled message.

Chinaexcite Staff