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  Notes to Search Engine

1    Standard Search

If you are sure what you want to find, whether it is a certain company, a product, or a trade lead, you need input a keyword in the search box and select companies, or products or trade leads correspondingly on the left side. Then you click the search button. ECTrade's search engine gets down to business and will give back all responses that match your keyword(s). If you select "Trade Leads" in the first place before search starts, the search result will also present you with alternative choices entitled "Results in Companies ...", "Results in Exhibits ... " on the upper right corner. You can make further choices from the additional information.

You can also start your search in one of the product categories if you know what category you wish to search.

Result sequence

Results will be arranged according to their matching levels. The more highly matched will appear ahead of those less highly matched.

Please use the following tricks for better and more accurate responses.

1-1 Space equals "or."

I1-2 Use quotation marks. Words between the quotation marks will prompt the search engine to find results that completely match the key words .

For example, if you key in "electronic equipment", responses will be those with "electronic equipment" exactly, but will disregard those responses that, for example, show "electronic parts equipment."

1-3 Use + to define the search result that must show key words on either side of +. For example, if you ask the engine to search for a + b, the result will show responses that must have both a and b.

1-4 Use - to define the search result that mustn't show the words on the right side of -. For instance, if you prompt the engine to search for a-b, the result will show responses that don't have any key words on the right side of -.

1-5 It is not case-sensitive.

2    Use advanced search

Advanced search narrows down your quest from a great number of responses to a few meaningful responses. In order to achieve this, you give more searching terms. Each term should be an "and" relationship. This search will lead you to your target exactly. You can follow ECTrade's prompts to complete your search step by step.