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1. Chinaexcite provides serious business services. You are supposed to register once and for all yourself as our member so as to give us your information such as your post address, telephone number, email address. The information you provide us is the only way in which we can ask for your confirmation, send documents, user's guide, notice on latest services available, gifts, or get into contact with you. Chinaexcite promises that your registered information will not be disclosed to any third party unless you give us your authorization to do so or unless law demands otherwise.

2. Just spend a few minutes and you will get connected with Chinaexcite on a permanent basis. Once you complete your registration procedure, all our services at Chinaexcite are immediately open to you. When you come back for a revisit, all you do is to input your user's name and password log into our service center where you can easily update your registration information and log-in password and review service record file.

3. A member of automatically becomes a member of with all free-of-charge services and resources available to you (click here for details of services for members at ECtrade)

Notice: If you are already a member of ECtrade, Please do not register any more, just use your ECtrade member ID and password to log in here

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Once your registration is complete, you will immediately receive a letter from us for you to confirm your registration information. Please keep well your registration information: you may need your user's name and password in future. Thanks for your support to Chinaexcite. We will provide more and better services to you to your satisfaction for your patronizing us.