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China Business Network
The exciting Chinese market is a world within your reach with China Wide Web

China Business Network is a business consortium specialising in business marketing and Internet promotion for the largest number of Chinese and foreign enterprises as well as other institutions using specialised and the most prominent online projects on the China Wide Web such as and, Many of the projects can be accessed through the English home pages such as, and, etc.

China Wide Web is a nation-wide on-line information service based in the Chinese language, utilising state of the art Internet and Intranet technology to deliver the latest sought-after information and exclusive market intelligence to targeted subscribers. It is used by businesses and private users in China mainly through the China Digital Data Network (ChinaDDN) and broadband accesses ensuring fast accessibility and reliability. It is important to realise that not only are computers in China loaded with Chinese operating systems but also the majority of Chinese people can only or prefer using the Chinese language. Moreover, the same written Chinese solves the problem of many different spoken dialects such as Cantonese because Chinese people in all parts of China understand the same written characters. was the first and remains the largest business information web site in China. It was developed and launched in 1995 by DIFE Communications which was part of China Telecom - the biggest commercial undertaking of China's Ministry of Information Industry, in a joint venture with HOPE Information Service Corporation - the leading provider of Internet technology and business information in China. The mission of Chinapages is to facilitate business contacts between Chinese and foreign businesses alike by providing a one-stop shop of essential business information for business users throughout China and Worldwide. is the only Chinese web site on the China Wide Web exclusively about foreign market and promoting foreign companies in China.

CHUGUO.CN was the first and also the largest information resources on the China Wide Web for Chinese nationals wishing to study or simply travel abroad. The project has been jointly undertaken by the China Business Network and again China Telecom together with Lian Yi Information Center (LYIC), which is an organization affiliated directly to the Provincial Government of Hebei Province. The web site provides information in Chinese language on: the latest Government regulations about studying and travelling abroad, procedure of getting passport and the necessary visas, recommended destinations, local custom and living conditions and the best travel arrangement etc..

Being always the first and unique "web sites" in China, all the projects undertaken by the China Business Network have been receiving the most publicity throughout China as well as in the international Internet and business community with praises and recognition from major media world-wide such as China Central Television, Peoples Daily, China Electronic Information Centre, Economic Daily, Asia Weekly, NHK - Japan News Network, CNN, the European and the Times etc..

Moreover, as a result of the tremendous success of all our projects and the efficient services provided by the organizations behind the projects we have been selected by our Government Business and Home Online Projects for business and home users of the China Wide Web to provide most comprehensive information on the relevant fields in China. Many other large web sites such as;; and search engines such as Yahoo China, Sohu etc. have also sought collaboration with us. Such strategic alliances indicate the dominance and popularity of our projects and our services.