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About Chinaexcite

Chinaexcite was conceived jointly by Chinapages and China Business Network. Chinapages was the first and leading provider of online business information and e-commerce solutions in Mainland China. Since its beginning in May 1995, Chinapages has served thousands of companies and institutions both at home and abroad by designing, developing and presenting professional business sites of international standard. Chinapages spares no effort in promoting the activities of business, economy, trade and investment between China and the world.

China's economy is taking off as Chinese enterprises are going international on a larger and larger scale. With its assertion to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) China is unfolding a more and more favorable business ambience for both foreign businesses seeking to access Chinese markets and Chinese enterprises seeking to exploit overseas marketplaces. Chinaexcite takes advantage of the pooled technical resources and business experiences of Chinapages and China Business Network to provide foreign companies with complete value added services that include:

  • Creative design and implementation of a number of web pages in Chinese language to convey your corporate massage and the features of your products and technology.
  • Email your information in Chinese directly to the senior decision-makers of all the companies and organisations that are interested in your products or service.
  • Provide your potential customers with the direct access to your web pages via clearly categorised product and section heading.
  • Direct hyper-text link from your Chinese web pages to your web site on the WWW.
  • Indexing and meta-tagging your products and services in all Chinese search engines and throughout China Wide Web.
  • Direct products and company search from the Home Page of
  • Screening the large number of QUALIFIED business inquiries and feedback.
  • Other assistance needed in conducting business with interested Chinese companies.
To benefit from above the services or wish to receive further information please contact the London Office of the China Business Network:
Tel: +44 208 858 8308 Fax:+44 208 858 8088

Though there are two versions (English and Chinese) of the site, they are quite different in content owing to different target users. Therefore it is necessary to explain a little bit more about the content in the Chinese version to non-Chinese visitors.

The Chinese version ( or ) offers to our Chinese visitors some extra contents such as:

World Economic Report which is composed of such content as International Business and Trade Developments, Information and Trends in Various Industries, International Exhibitions, and Foreign Exchange Rates, etc.;

Foreign Trade Guide: Laws & Policies, Competent Government Departments, Chinese Economic and Business Organizations in Other Countries, Chambers of Commerce in the World, Foreign Economic and Business Organizations in China, Yellow Pages World Wide, China Import and Export Statistics, International Trade Practice, Guide to Customs, Commodities Inspection and Shipping, etc.; About WTO: An Overview, Rules & Treaties, China and WTO, and World Survey;

And other miscellaneous columns like World Travel Guide, Conference & Conventions, Trade Exhibitions, Education and Training Overseas etc.

In addition, together with the experienced consultants of China Business Network provide Chinese and foreign clients with practical trade support services integrated covering the whole process of international trade.

Both the contents and the related services are updated continuously to attract more and more Chinese visitors and serve the foreign clients better too.

The English version ofChinaexcite offers three services online: Standard Chinese Version Website Design through a DIY device, VIP Chinese Version Website Design and Translation Service, all available through online application and online payment; the Chinese version of Chinaexcite is mainly catering to Chinese business users who are interested in importing materials, equipment, technology and other products overseas.